February 2, 2011

You don't know how this systems works

Jordan Maxwell lopo

Jordan Maxwell at the first Project Camelot "Awake & Aware Conference"
(held in Los Angeles on 18/19 September '09, transcript)

pt 1)
I think the one thing I'd like for you to take away from anything that I say today is this one point: that nothing in this world works the way you think it does – nothing. The police aren't who you think they are. The sheriff is not who you're thinking he is. Banks do not do what you think they do. Governments don't operate anywhere near the way you think they do. And that's why, when you look at what's going on in the world today, none of it makes any sense. It's all crazy, it makes no sense at all, seems very destructive.
But actually, in point of fact, you don't know how this systems works. It's working perfectly fine: The rich get richer and the poor get poorer, and the people, the masses are entertained with television and alcohol and drugs, and the wealthy continue to get wealthy. So it's working perfectly fine once you understand how the world really works. And nothing works the way you think it does.

A powerful secret

In the very early eighties, I also came into contact with some people who were experts' experts on government and banking, and I was in their company for many years, and I learned how governments work, and it was absolutely astounding to me to see the real truth. It's taken me 48 years to get here tonight, but I wanna give you a secret that I have learned. I wanna give this to you for free. This is a secret, and it's a very powerful secret: People will always – financially and in every other way – people will always support what they want to hear. They will not support what they don't want to hear. [...] So people will always support what they want to hear. And the one thing around the world that the ancient peoples and anyone who has troubled and dealt with the public ... you will find the one thing that people, generally speaking, do not want to hear is the truth.
Nobody is happy when they have to be faced with the truth. And so there are some brave people, like maybe you here today, who are at least open to hear something that may conflict with what you believe or what you know, but at least you're truth seekers. That's what I have always been is a truth seeker.

pt 2)
The whole concept of the Old Testament was developed right around the 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th century A.D. [Anno Domini] so that the Old Testament is not an ancient record of an ancient people. There was no ancient Israel. Two of the greatest scholars – archaeologists – in Israel have written a book called "The Bible Unearthed". And these two men, these two archaeologists, are the best and the brightest of the archaeologists in Israel. And in their book, basically that's what they've said: There was no Moses, there was no King Solomon, there was no King David. The entire thing was written probably in the 8th, 9th, and 10th Century A.D. in Europe. Developed and ultimately all of that was taken by the Jesuits and the Catholic Church and rewoven into a story and given to us today as an ancient Israel. There was no ancient Israel. Never existed. [...]

Even in the ancient Bibles, the old Bibles from the 12th, 13th, and 14th century, it didn't say King David – it kept talking about King Druid. And incidentally, the system of government and laws that we live under today in America and in the Western world is a Druidic system. America is a Druidic country. Canada is Druidic. Like I said, Western civilization is a Druidic establishment. The Druids were a very powerful priesthood in Europe, even before the Roman Empire existed. And they were the attorneys, the lawyers, the religious leaders, the politicians. It was called the Druidic system. One of the most important symbols in the Druidic system was a magic wand, like Merlin the Magician with his magic wand. Orchestra leaders and conductors use a magic wand. That's a Druid symbol. And the Druid symbol of the magic wand was made out of the wood of a holly tree. It's made out of holly wood and the entire establishment in Hollywood is a Druidic system. So, if you don't understand Druidic symbols, you'll never know what's going on in Hollywood, and where they're being financed, who's financing them, and how this stuff really works in relation to government.
There's an enormous amount of material out on the web showing pictures from motion pictures from five, six, seven years before 2001, before "9/11", in which "9/11" is in motion pictures and the original film of "The Matrix". In the original Matrix movie, the star is given some kind of an affidavit to sign, which is his identification or something, and the camera zooms in on it for just a moment when he's signing it. But if you stop the film, stop it and back it up and zoom in, you will see the document is about something that is going to happen.
It says September 11, 2001. And this was way before September 11th, before "9/11". [...]

So all I'm saying is that Hollywood knows what's going on, and this whole thing is being orchestrated from behind the scenes to knock down the World Trade Center.
The day it happened, I became so depressed, I just dropped out of speaking. I no longer toured, I no longer did radio, I no longer talked to anyone, and I've been out of commission for many years because "9/11" just shut me down. As far as I was concerned, I was through with America. I was through with all of it. Because any country that can buy three high-rises falling down into dust and not ask any questions about that ... I just gave up. [...]
There are only two things on the Earth: land and water. People live on land so the law of the land is the law of people who live on land. [...] But the law of water is the law of money – the cash flow, the liquid assets. [...]
So your body ... as a matter of fact, your body is a security on the New York Stock Exchange. If you take your Social Security card – and I'm not going to talk much more about this because there are other things I want to talk about – but this, I think, is interesting.

pt 3)
If you take your Social Security card, on the back of a Social Security card you will see a series of numbers.
Those numbers on mine are in red. And those numbers on the back of the Social Security card represent your physical body on the Stock Exchange in New York. And if you take a bill, any kind of American bill – whatever it is, $10, $20, $100, $1, whatever it is – you will see a series of numbers here, code numbers, on the bill. You match the numbers on the bill with the back of the Social Security card.
It's because there's about six-and-a-half-million dollars or more circulating around the world with your Social Security number on the bill because your body has a security on the New York Stock Exchange.
They are buying and selling your personal body on the Stock Exchange in New York.
Most people don't understand any of this and have no idea what I’m talking about, but it's the way banks work.

I have discovered also that banks and government are basically based on religion. Religion is at the bottom of all of this. This is why I have no respect for religion, government, banking, and especially educational institutions. Because I know who finances these organizations. I know where the money comes from. Our banks were given to us by the Masonic Lodge of Knights Templars in Europe, our educational institutions, universities and colleges, were given to us by the Masonic Order coming out of Rome. This is why the square mortarboard is a Catholic symbol. Have any Jews know that when you wear a yarmulke that's not Jewish, it's Roman.
That's why the pope wears a yarmulke. That's why the cardinals wear the yarmulke. That's a Roman symbol, it's not Jewish. The Jews were told to wear the yarmulke to show subjection to Rome and they got so used to using it they take it as a Jewish symbol ... it's not Jewish, it's Roman. [...]
Religion, government, educational institutions: I have found that so many people willingly bend themselves to what their masters want from them. What your masters want is for you to be in compliance, for you to think what they have told you to think. [...]

I believe government boils down to the war between the Crips and the Bloods – that's all it is. It's just one gang is superior to another gang, unless, of course, that other gang gets a little more money and gets a little bit more vicious, now they take over town, and so it's a war between gangs.
Because after all, when it's all boiled down, it boils down to one thing: We're all human, and humans, like Martin Luther King said, people are organizations. Martin Luther King said organizations are a lot more naughtier than individuals. Individuals can be bad and corrupt, but when you get a whole bunch of individuals bad and corrupt and they're wearing uniforms and wearing badges, now you've got a gang.
And the police department even have said that. They tell me things like that:

"You know, we're the biggest gang in town. We're legal. We can do whatever we want."

So I understood a long time ago that government is simply gang warfare.
Who's going to run this town? What family in the mob is going to run this area of the town?
So that is why I have no respect for government, banking, or any of the rest of it. [...]

I believe that in the New Testament the story about Jesus – it's just my opinion, but I believe that that story – is an encoded message. It's a metaphor. It does not represent history as such but it is a very powerful encoded story. If you understand the symbols and the words that are used in the New Testament in the story of Jesus and understand that the entire story is a metaphor, you read between the lines and begin to see that there's symbols and ideas are being expressed and you didn't even see it.

pt 4)
Jesus represents in the story a symbol. It's a metaphor. And Jesus is a metaphor for the sun.
And so, boiling it down, christianity is sun worship based on astrology, because nobody owns the sun: Africans don't own it, and we don't own the sun, so obviously the sun belongs to God – so it's God's sun [and/or son] and he's the light of the world. Of course the sun's the light of the world. What else lights the world if it's not the sun?
And "he has twelve helpers" – yeah, of course, the twelve signs of the Zodiac, the twelve months of the year.
"He is our risen savior" – of course it rises every morning about 5:30 am. And the sun is your savior: If it don't come up, we're dead. So once you start breaking down the symbols in the New Testament, you begin to see that christianity is basically astrology and sun worship, but it has been so well hidden and so cleverly disguised. And once you start breaking it down and reading the whole story, it becomes overwhelmingly obvious that this is what we are talking about. "He has a virgin birth. He's born of a virgin" – of course virgin birth, because one of the constellations of the Zodiac is Virgo, Virgo the virgin. [...]

The sun hits the lowest point on the sky in the south on December 22nd. It's called the Winter Solstice, the beginning of winter. And for three days ... the United States Navy will show and explain it to you that the sun comes up for three days, the 22nd, 23rd, and 24th, on the same degree. It doesn't go any further south and it doesn't come back north. On the same degree that it was on on December 22nd, the sun rises the next two days, 23rd and 24th, on the same degree. So the ancient people said that the sun was alive. It was the Lion of the tribe of Judah, Leo, who got the kiss of death from Scorpio, and now for three days he's not moving at all, so therefore he's in his tomb for three days. Then on the 25th of December, the sun moves one degree northward, and you can calculate that as the Navy does. You can calculate it. It's very slight, but if you've got the right instruments you can see the sun move one degree northward. Therefore, it came back to life.
So now we celebrate God's sun [and/or son] being born again. He's born again. When? On December 25th, so we celebrate Christmas or Christ Mass. [...]

Let me give you another example about the ancient religions of the world.
Moses was a lunar deity. Moses was the leader of the Moon cult. This is why in all the paintings and sculpturings in Europe you always see Moses wearing horns. Have you ever seen that? Moses wearing horns? It's in the Vatican. It's in all the museums of the world. Why is Moses always pictured with horns?
Because Moses was a leader of a lunar cult, the Moon worshippers. So at one time the Jews were worshippers of the Moon and that period of time we call the period of Moses. This is why the Native Americans, their chiefs wore horns, the Vikings wore horns. Because all of these cults, cultures – Native Americans, Vikings, and the ancient people of the Middle East – worshipped the Moon. The Moon, of course, in the lower quarter was the horns, and this is why they wore horns.
In Arabia there's a high mountain range, and at night, from the Egyptian side, the Moon comes up in the east, and it comes up from a mountain range. And so the ancient peoples believed that the Moon was a god and that he lived in the mountain. Their religious celebrations [applied to] the Old Man of the Mountain, the Moon god.
In the ancient Arabic system the Moon god was called "Sin", S-I-N. That was his name. The Moon god of Arabia was Sin. And a mountain in the ancient language, a mountain was spelt A-I.
So you take the mountain "Ai" with the god who lived in the mountain, the Moon god Sin and put it together, it becomes Sin-Ai. So you get all the ... Moses goes up into Sinai ... No, it's Sin-Ai, the mountain of the Moon god! This is why Jews have their celebration after sundown 'cause that's when the Moon comes out. They don't have their celebration during the day because that's when the sun's out. So that's the time for Christians to celebrate God's sun [and/or son]. The Jews are worshipping the Moon god Sin.

I'm not trying to offend anyone but I'm just trying to tell you where religions come from.
Religions have been given to us by the same people who gave us our government, our banks, our educational institutions. Our whole entire ruddy system in Western civilization is based on religion, politics, soccer, sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll – it's just business. It's just money, it's just the control of people.
And if you think it's crazy when I say sex, you have no idea in the world how sex plays a part in everything."

pt 5)
The point I'm making is that our institutions around the world, especially in Western civilization, are based on symbolism, lies, deception, manipulation of our thinking ... and somewhere along the line, if you're really looking for truth – and most people aren't. Like that movie, when ... Anyway, the kid [Tom Cruise] says he wants the truth and the other guy [Jack Nicholson] said: "You can't handle the truth." I believe that's exactly right. I don't think that the world of mankind can handle the real truth about how the world really works.

[...] You know, I said last night that I believe that democracy is the very worst possible form of government on the Earth. I don't think you can get a worse government than democracy. And the reason I'm saying that, I can clarify it now. First of all, "demos" in Greek is "a mob". That's why when a mob is out in the street with plaques, ranting and raving, we call it a "demos' straitening". A demo[n]stration is ... "demos" is "a mob of people". And so demo-ocracy – "ocracy" is "the rule" – so "the rule of the mob" is "democracy". True democracy is 45 whites hanging one black – that's democracy. We all voted and one guy's got to die. We all voted. It's democracy. No. America was founded as a Constitutional Republic. A Constitutional Republic means there is a set rule of laws that everyone abides by, and it was set up in such a way as to protect this person, the individual, from the mob. Because, you know, down south where I come from, the Ku Klux Klan, they could pick out even anybody they want, and there's 45 of them and they take you out and hang you.
And who's going to say anything? It's was a democracy – we all voted. And therefore it must be legal. [...]
The biggest problem with a democracy is very simple, if you just think about it. "Democracy" means "mob rule", it doesn't matter what the law says. And incidentally I want to throw this out to you.
We hear all the time that America is the land of laws, we are a country based on law. In point of fact, that is not true. In point of fact, it is just the opposite. America is the most lawless country on the Earth. Period. There is no law in America.
Think about that, what I just told you: There is no law in America. What we have here is whatever the judge says it is, and whatever the judge says it is, that's what the law is. If you go to a different court and a different judge but the same identical information, facts, and figures, he'll maybe give a different verdict.
Well, that's what the law says, that's the law. No, that's not the law. It's what that guy said.

I learned all of this when I was traveling around, going to the different churches and different cults. Jehovah's Witnesses are a classic example. I could use the Mormons as a classic example. I could use any of these churches as classic examples of what I'm talking about. There is no set law in any religious organization, in the church, or any cult, or any group, or any political group. It's whatever the boss in that particular group says it is – that's what the law is. And so, even in Jehovah's Witnesses they will have the elder in that church will tell you: Well, here's what the Bible says and here's what the law is. Now, if you go to a different one, he's was like: Oh that guy's full of bull. Here's what the real thing, here's the real ... And then you understand it doesn't matter where you go, in any Mormon church, in any Seventh Day Adventist church, any Christadelphian, any World Wide Church of God, any cult, any rabbi, any synagogue ... it doesn't matter. Whoever is in charge of that one particular church where you are, that's the law.
And that's exactly what's going on in America. It doesn't matter what the actual law books say.
You cannot go into a court in this country and win on the basis of facts. That is the facts of life.
You cannot win in a court in America on the basis of facts. Period. The judge don't give a damn about the facts. He's the boss and in this court he calls the shots. [...]
America is a land of lawlessness.
In the Bible in the Book of Revelation, it talks about the rise of "the man of lawlessness", and I've often wondered about that. It is very interesting ... a lot of interesting, important stuff written in the Bible if you know what you're looking at. But it talks about the rise of something called the man of lawlessness. And I used to wonder what in the world was that all about because America's got so many laws. We got thousands of law books – that's all we are is got law books. So how can there be a man of lawlessness that would rise in the world? Well, now I understand. America is the home of the man of lawlessness.

George Bush couldn't care less what the Constitution says, the Bill of Rights ... it just don't matter. He's the boss and whatever he says do, that's what you're doing. You say: But yeah the law says ... They don't care. And if you bring that up again, you're going to jail. Why? Because he represents the Vatican. The Bush regime was front for the Vatican, the most important enemy this country has today. People will never understand it, but the biggest enemy that this nation today has is the Vatican. The Vatican is behind the crap that's going on all over. [...] All of Europe has been dominated for over 2,500 years by Rome, and Europe has dominated the world for 2,500 years. So I'm saying that if you want to find out who the real enemy of this country is, you'd better start looking at the Holy Father. And you'd better start finding out the connection between the Vatican and the Nazi party of Adolf Hitler. [...] I want to add one more comment quickly.
When you hear people talk about Jewish conspiracy, Jewish this and Jewish that, it's Vatican, not Jewish.