September 30, 2010

Jordan Maxwell

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"Consequently the idea is that God created the whole heavens and the whole earth and he owns everything on it, and so therefore, he turned it over to his son Jesus. But since Jesus isn't here somebody has to run this place. So, since Jesus isn't here the pope said 'I will be the Vicar of Christ. I'll stand in for him till he gets back. Then when he gets back I'll turn over the whole world to Christ, but until he gets here I'm in charge, okay?! As long as you understand that we're going to do just fine.'
Now, the first thing the pope did after declaring himself the Vicar of Christ, made himself the owner of all life on the earth – for Jesus. Jesus owned the whole earth but he ain't here, so I do. Second, he made a contract with the King of England. It was a commercial treaty of sorts with the King of England in which he gave the possessions of Jesus which he held as the Vicar of Christ to the King of England as a corporate holding company. So the whole world would be under the King of England for the pope. So the pope owns it but the president of the corporation is the King of England, and that whole corporation menagerie is called 'The Crown'. So when you hear about the British Crown, you have to understand that there is a world of difference between being Engl-ish and Brit-ish. 'British' comes from an Hebrew word: berith. A 'berith' is a contract in the old Hebrew language and 'ish' is a man or men. Therefore berith-ish becomes british – man of the contract."

"It was a Jesuit priest who founded the PLO. The PLO was founded by Jesuits. If you go to the old dictionaries, the old dictionaries you will find the word Jesuit and beneath Jesuit is Jethro [Marice] Tull [1674-1740] and beneath that is another entry: Jesuit Assassinations. So, even in the dictionary they acknowledge that the Jesuits are primaire assassins throughout the world, and they have involved themselves in some incredible heinous deeds.
And I believe that the things are going on in the Middle East today is Jesuit inspired. Somebody better take a look at what we call Zionism because Zionism is not Jewish. It has nothing to do with being Jewish."

Adolf Hitler

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