September 29, 2010

Michael Tsarion

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09/25'10 Conspiracy Conference 2010 Panel pt 2) Millar and Tsarion confront Papal Knight Horowitz
"To me that disingenuous ploy of pretending that he did not know what the phrase referred to – 'jesuitical argument' – is his biggest faux pas. A man of his knowledge would certainly know what it referred to. If he was trained by Jesuits then he would specialize in that kind of sophistry. That is why I wanted to directly bring that up to him, to see his response.
Of course, he responded jesuitically – that is, by simply stating that the term meant nothing to him. Brilliant."

Brilliant, indeed! You pushed the button – Capital G.
And "That's the way love goes" against all Ignatian "I beseech you by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, I bestir you to subjugate and subdue the most highbred and difficult part of your mind: reason and judgement."
("Rules of Loyalty", March 26, 1553)
Are you tired of life or just such an unbreakable sort of "knight of selfhood"? "A man with an adamantine sense of his own self." What an inspiration you are! I am impressed.

We are the complicit

09/24'10 Tsarion interviewed by Mike Vail in May 2010 pt 6

Another superb segment, Michael. And initiated by a very good question/comment at the end of pt 5:
"Fact of the matter is, is that, I think, we all have to cope with that at some point like OK the world is just 'Bizarro World', you know, and I'm trying to live according to my own ideas and my own sort of view of the world, my own model of reality, and the world and myself intersect, and how I come to a point where I can accept this craziness at the same time and not lose my mind."

"All advertising is working on the anxiety circuitries of our mind." Bill Hicks would applaud.

"I'm going into that deeply in a lot of my work: of how civilization is actually based on delayed gratification.
In learning how to delay our gratifications we become creative, morale, and basically civilized people.
The media and the whole matrix of media control tries to erode that. So this is what's turning the world into perverted, either sadistic, criminal, or, as it said, suicidal people. [...]
We've been programmed for generations with certain very pernicious lie mechanisms that then lead us to the state that we're in. Those who really follow my work a lot and go very deep into it realize that I'm always insisting that we are the complicit in the slavery that's going on."
That's why one can say, "the conspiracy is us". And also because calling a several millennia-old system of the exercise of power in a sheep/shepherd-like fashion of targeted devotional politics (at least beginning with the "founding father" of the "1st religion", Akhenaten, according to a ZDF documentary, and openly until the Reformation/letterpress, thereafter mainly hidden via "social-Catholic/Columbian" political philosophers/state theorists and a tremendously broad and shimmering, partially "black"/invisible, mighty "shepherd's fold") a conspiracy seems to me nonsense and dangerously false.
[Prof. Jan Assmann from the University of Heidelberg said in "Echnaton – Der verschollene Pharao", ein ZDF-Film der Sandkorn Film, exactly: "Akhenaten was not only founder of a religion, he was the first founder of a religion that history knows of." ("Echnaton war nicht nur Religionsstifter, er war der erste Religionsstifter, den die Geschichte kennt.") So I handled it a bit perfunctorily at this point.]

Also @ vimeo: Tsarion on Vantage Point Radio with Michael Vail, recorded on May 16, 2010

09/23'10 The Brotherhood of Death series on Red Ice pt 3c)
"Of course, the psychopath is not stupid, he doesn't want you knowing he's a psychopath. So what did they do? They cover themselves up with the charitable veil: the veil of charity, the veil of philanthropy, the veil of the brotherhood, and humanity, fraternity, egality ... That's all the smokescreen palaver put out in front of you to hide the fact that these are the most greedy ..."
Also the main reason why the Roman priestly nomenklatura continuously produce "saints": for PR purposes.

09/21'10 Age of Manipulation pt 68) "It might even be the same thing." Yeah, exactly.
"Its intractability stems from its deeply ingrained resistance to all social forms that endanger the harmony of the human and the natural. Its untamed 'selfishness' represents a bond between psyche and cosmos" – many thanks for that. Very shamanic, I'd say, how he describes the "wisdom of the id". Guess "The Voice of the Earth" (1992 by Theodore Roszak) is a must read.
There is by the way an immensely fascinating book coming up: "The Manufacture of Mozart" by Robert Newman.
Interviewed on Red Ice Creations in March '09, and since May '09 on the Investigative Journal.

Age of Manipulation pt 67) "What kind of oneness is that?!" I like it when you're angry.
Ian Xel Lungold had made an awesome remark too on what "the real holy work" is about:
"Your viewpoint, established by time and place, is absolutely sacred. For one simple reason. You're the only one who can have it. In all of infinity and in all of the life forms and types throughout the whole universe. You're the only person who can have your viewpoint."

"They're telling you that's the game. They're owning you! The Russell Trust owns you, the Queen of England, the pope. If you're not selling yourself elsewhere, they all own you anyway. They got rights."
Like Maxwell said: "So consequently, each one of us who call ourselves a citizen of the U.S. is in point of fact a franchisee of a foreign corporation."

Age of Manipulation pt 62)
Excellent and extremely important points that you raise here. You're confirming some core thoughts of mine.
Great to hear someone speaking about it in such a clear and enormously thought-out way!
Question: What are the main clues that your conviction the so-called unconsciousness had to be an individual entity is based on? And could you potentially imagine the unconsciousness, dreams, all sorts of spirituality and mental phenomenons taken together as a third cosmic dimension besides space and time?

The main common denominator

09/18'10 Tsarion on Red Ice on Astrotheology pt 1

Damn fine thoughts again, Michael. Transcribed the "main common denominator" bit immediately:
"And the reason is because an ignorant agnostic and an ignorant atheist is about as little of a threat, is about the same amount of threat as the ignorant believer."
And I have to say, the whole interview is tremendously fascinating and very well done. Thanks a lot!

"This is an extremely diverse subject actually. I've always described Astrotheology as the subject of subjects because, like in many of these arcane areas, you are not on to study one subject, you're studying many.
It's not just about beating one subject to death, you know, it's about trying to recompose all of the world's mysteries – it's a real task. [...]
I guess the best way to answer that is the church has nothing to fear from those people who've turned away.
A lot of people are agnostic, lot of people who will become atheistic, they think in their minds that by them not participating, because they just don't got to church and get sprinkled with 'holy water', that the church is in some way threatened by them? Let me make it very clear: that is not the case! Just you have found out that's not worth your time, or you have a few quandaries about it, or you didn't like pastor, or you didn't like the whole suit-and-tie gig or whatever, just because you have found out, for whatever reason, is in no way threatening to the establishment that has caused so much misery in this world.
And the reason is because an ignorant agnostic and an ignorant atheist is about as little of a threat, is about the same amount of threat as the ignorant believer. The main common denominator is ignorance.

It doesn't mean you're ignorant outside the door of the church, carrying on your little daily life, or you're ignorant sittin' listening to the guy every sunday on their hour, it is of no importance as long as ignorance, you see, is the key, and this is unfortunately what it is.
So, my message, Jordan's message is not just to bore agnostics and atheists who already go 'Look, I know it's all bunk, I already don't go to church, I already could care less about this – I'm an atheist, I don't believe in anything.' Is not just to say back these people on the back and go 'Well done, that's mighty good of you to know that.' Is to say that your ignorance is still participant. I don't want people to turn away from Christianity of Judaism or any of these leviathans ignorantly. I want both the believers – this is the people who read the Bible, and studying interestedly, and want to know the mystery of these traditions – and the person who doesn't want to do anything with institution to be empowered through knowledge. This is the key thing.

And of course, the most important reason why would you want to study religion is because there is an entire crime syndicate out there called the Vatican, called the 'Christian organization' that, as you said at the beginning, profiting from the millions of people who don't know that this religion is damaging to your health. They'll put 'Smoking kills' on every box of cigarettes, you know, ad signs all over the freeways and all other things: 'Don't put the cat in the microwave,' you know.
You got this, especially in America: 'Hold on at railways, Walk on the left,' you'll have every kind of mantra repeated dozens of times about your 'utter safety', so called, but where is the 'Skull and bones, poisened deathly, lethal toxic waste,' where is that sign on religion? Nowhere to be found. And if people look at me and Jordan saying 'oh, you guys are, you know, iconoclastic, you guys are really something, keepin' on putting this religion down.' Oh, yeah?! Well, you know, let's take around the graveyards and then see how many people would be agreeing but they're dead."